Friday, May 28, 2010

Les Fleurs and Magazine Update

DSC00495 - Copie 
Gorgeous !

Online magazine update: 
Just to let everyone know I am still working on the
online magazine I shared about here!


If all goes as planned the launch of the first issue will be in September!

I cannot thank you enough for the incredible outpouring of support,
and for the talented writers, photographers and artists
who wish to be a part of this adventure!

Also I’m so excited about the creative ladies who are
interested in advertising
both brick & mortar and online businesses and boutiques!

Let me know if you have a unique article idea, project or product.

I want this online magazine to be a Destination to Inspiration for us all!

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Mimi Bleu

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Le Petit Palais and New Friends

I had the honor of meeting these two lovely ladies, Claudia and Claudia!
Multi-talented Claudia on the left of The Paris Apartment website
Her friend Claudia 2 is equally delightful 
These two are a whirlwind of energy. 
They make a fabulous team as they steer clients through the flea markets and brocantes of Paris.
As soon as you meet them it’s like you’ve known them forever  -  lots of laughter!
We took in the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at Le Petit Palais. 
It was a gorgeous day, look at that blue sky. 
Hard to believe last week we were trudging around in coats and rainhats
The interior is covered with intricate decoration
enormous ceiling paintings
  DSC00809 - Copie 

YSL fashion career spanned from 1958 – 2002
DSC00808 - Copie
Sketches were highlighted onto arched windows
DSC00807 - Copie

Just a few samples, no photos were allowed inside the exhibit…

Circa 1958
Circa 1983

Merci pour un bon après-midi Claudia & Claudia!

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Mimi Bleu

Monday, May 17, 2010

Unexpected Reflection

I saw this beautiful painting in a gallery window in Saint Germain.
The reflection of the window also captured
the shuttered building across the street,
but I still like it.   

What do you think? 
I think I need photography lessons!

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Mimi Bleu

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Night at the Opera

  Le Palais Garnier opera house looks like a wedding cake
The Garnier is primarily used for ballet and dance.
Most of the operas in Paris are performed at the new and modern Opera Bastille
inside Garnier
Sink into the richness of the velvet interior
4028752356_8d8bb939c0_mThe stunning ceiling by Chagall
A colorful contrast to the red and gold opulence

It would be so much fun if you could join me? 
Just one problem.

What to wear?? 
Either of these gowns will work don’t you think?

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Mimi Bleu

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was blessed to have the most wonderful Mother in the world
I’m not a mother myself, but if I was I would want to be exactly like her
She is now celebrating in Heaven, but her sweet legacy lives on.

Happy Mother’s Day

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Mimi Bleu

Friday, May 7, 2010

Lovely Awards form 4 Lovely Ladies

A special Merci Beacoup to these four wonderful Blogger friends
who have so kindly shared these awards with me.

lili lemontree

The theme is “Reviving the Charming Arts”.
An etiquette trainer and stationary designer, good manners are still in style!

honest scrap
This is where you need to go for a relaxing visit with
heirloom and antique teacups, vintage linens and lots of charm

The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award

Christina @ Fabulous Finds Gal
Be sure to check out her vintage and fabulous finds,
she has an incredible eye for detail and design

French born and living in the UK, an artist and interior stylist
I’m in love with her laces  - beautifully embellished with pearls

Karen @ Tilly Rose
Karen ia a lovely blogger friend from the UK.  Always positve and upbeat while creating and selling vintage and shabby items in her boutique Tilly-Rose

The rules for the "Make Me Smile Award" is to list 7 things you love about where you live.  Here goes:
  1. I met my honey here in a fairy tale way
  2. We're living here happily ever after...
  3. My French is horrendous - wait! I don't love that
  4. The patisseries!  Okay this is another negative ( none of my summer clothes fit)
  5. The architecture, beauty and history is incredible
  6. French style design, ornate mouldings and sometimes over the top gilt! 
  7. Learning to "stop and smell the roses"
  8. Did I mention I met my honey here?  Oops that is one too many!  Sorry!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

French Men…

What is it about French men?
I was walking along and just had to snap this

I thought it was so sweet!

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Mimi Bleu