Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Merci Bonjour Madame

I have had the honour of being given a Kreative Blogger award by

Stephanie of  Bonjour Madame

Her blog is a lovely snapshot of a French inspired life - hmmm, a girl after my own heart.
If you have not been by to see Bonjour Madame, please do stop by now and enjoy her creative posts and heartfelt style.

Merci Stephanie for all the kind words of encouragement you have left on my new blog, which is very much a work in progress - it will get better I promise.  It means alot to me! 

I'd like to pass along this award to 7 fabulous blogs.  
Simply post 7 things about yourself and then pass the award along to 7 other blogs you enjoy! 
If you are blog free or do not wish to share 7 things about yourself, no worries.  

This award simply is to say I think you have a wonderful blog!

Musings from A French Cottage


Rosy Inspiration

Belle Maison

File Under Lovely

Ritas Shabby Chic Rose

All these bloggers are very talented and have made their blogs a  delight to visit!

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh, you are so kind to give me an award. I can't tell you how flattered I am to receive an award from you. I will treasure it.
I have won a couple of giveaways and and another award and will be doing a 'thank you' post soon and will be thanking you.
Once again, many, many thanks. XXXX

Rita said...

Oh, thank you so much for your award. never won one so yours means a lot to me. I've enjoyed working on my blog and put a lot of effort in it, but, wow, being given an award from you is something I never expected could happen and I'm soooo flattered. Again, thank you.
being my first time, do I have to do something?
please, bear with me. I'm still new with all the blogging "mysteries" snd right now I'm feeling a little clumsy.

Abatevintage said...

Congrats on the lovely award, I will have to visit the nominees.

Have a wonderful day,.


Rita said...

I guess I have a last (hopefully) question. Do i tell the 7 things about myself in a post in my blog??????? Am I supposed to add the award button only after there has been some sort of approval?
So it wasn't just ONE last question but two...
Sorry I'm pedestering you with all these silly questions but got to figure out how to do it.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your well deserved award!!! You have such a wonderful blog!

:) T

Rosy Inspiration said...

Thank you for the beautiful award, my dear, you are most kind. I will attend to it as soon as possible. Have a lovely ooh-la-la day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your kind comment. Great post and great list of blogs to visit!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations on your award too! Your blog is fabulous and I always enjoy stopping by to see what's new. I really appreciate the wonderful comments you have left for me on my blog too. Its so great being blogging friends! I'm off to check out those you offered an award to as I notice there are some I have not seen before! Congratulations again!

Stephanie said...

Fabulous! You listed great blogs here.

Kori said...

Congratulations on your award girlie! That is awesome and so deserved! Thanks for your comments! I hope you have a marvelous Wednesday. Kori xoxo

Chari at Happy To Design said...


I just wanted to stop by to say thank you for coming by and taking a peek at my Summer's Ode tablescape and tea...I really enjoyed your sweet note!

Congratulations on your Kreativ Blogging Award...loved reading your list of 7 things that you like! Hehe...it's so funny how you can get to know someone with these fun blogging questions!

I just took a little spin around your blog...it's simply delightful! I loved seeing photos of Paris! My honey and I honeymooned there four years ago...it was simply divine! Just wanted to let you know that I'm adding your blog to my list of blog follows and I look forward to your upcoming posts!

It's so very nice to meet you, my friend!
Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Abatevintage said...

Hello I will have to go over there and check it out.

Thanks for stopping off to visit me today, my leg is doing better already.


Musings From A French Cottage said...

Thank you so much for this fabulous award!! I am so honored to receive it from you!! Thank you for thinking of me. You've made my day. I will be posting it to my blog very soon. Again, I thank you so much for the award and your kind comments!! Have a wonderful day and God Bless.