Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I promised…but I couldn't resist...

Yes I know I promised several times…no more macarons,
but this The Wall Street Journal  article and video
on March 2nd was just too good to pass.
Mc Do, as the French call McDonalds, has now entered the macaron market.
Quelle?  (What!)

Check out this video

First, it is important to remember
 we’re talking about macarons
which should not to be confused with macaroons! 
It took me awhile to realize there is a difference  - ha ha
DSC00054 - Copie
If you’ve never tasted a macaron before
just imagine a colorful cookie/cake confection
with a crunchy outside and a rich, chewy inside.
You can choose from an overwhelming variety of flavors .
Pistache is my favorite at the moment.

What do you think?
Are you a purist, a macron snob?
Or would you give McDos a fair try?
Moi?   I’m not a snob – as long as I
can’t smell the french fries!

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!
Mimi Bleu


VM Creation Atelier said...

You made me very exiting,my dear Mimi!!!-)*

I never taste it befor...

Love and hugs,


Paris Pastry said...

LOVED the video! I'm very picky when it comes to my macarons, but I would like to try the macarons from McDo to taste the difference. Who knows ... I might be impressed by them!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

James said...

Please believe me dear lady, no one really wants you to keep that promise.

Chicago Chic said...

Wow! Honestly I have never tried a macaron...shock I know! I can only imagine that Paris must have the best in the dream is to eat ANY sweets of French pastries IN Paris. ...and McDonalds? That's just so weird, haha!


Jeanne Henriques said...

Hmmm...It was such a feat to get into Laduree in Paris and try their macorons that I would like to keep it as a fond memory. Would I do it again, absolutely! Would it be as much fun at! Have to say that when in Paris again I would go back to Laduree...
Jeanne :)

Great post by the way :))

TeriGigi/Girl Meets Paris said...

You crack me up! Yes, I "guess" I would break my rule of not walking in a McD in Paris, if the macarons were good. Do let us know, won't you?

We did get stuck in CDG airport a few years ago, and HAD to eat at the airport McD... it was TERRIBLE. The French truly need to stick to what they do best... roasted chicken!

Susan B said...

Now you've gone and done it. I'm drooling all over my keyboard!!

(And to answer your question, no I probably would not go to McD's for a macaron.)

Jenny said...

How fantastique! I am no snob and would certainly try one, seeing that if I ever head to Paris again in the next 15 years or so with a kid in tow, McDoughs will be a certain possibility. Please report back, or better yet, do a taste test at Laduree, some other tres Parisian place (Pierre Herme?), and then McDoughs and let us know. Ah the sacrifices you would make for us bloggers---hee hee.

English Rose ♥ said...

Total macaroon snob - McD's just won't do!!

Thanks so much for stopping by darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Don't bother your promise... you had to share this! Off to MD ....

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I'm afraid that I'm a purist, Mimi and like to have the 'real thing'.
When in Paris, McDo is the last place that I would go !! XXXX

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Where might one buy good French macaroons here in the states. They look so beautiful -- so unlike our white, coconut-crusted versions (which I do love). :)


Kerry said...

For me it's not just the macron itself, the surroundings and ambiance add to the pleasure of that first little bite. I'm sorry but McDo just doesn't do it for me.

Unknown said...

Oooooh - I would only go for the real thing :-)

Slices of Beauty... said...

So yummy!

Barb said...

Fantastic video! I adore macarons.
Thank you so much for stopping by.
Jeff, Dorothy and the girls will be moving to Hawaii. Grandma Barb will be visiting but still living in AZ.

big hugs,

Unknown said...

Mc Do's for macarons!!! Quelle horreur! I'm a total macaron snob. They have to be just right to get that smooth deliciousness mixed with the perfect outer layer. I would hate for people to visit Mc Dos and taste a macaron for the first time and not really experience the true dreaminess of it all. Although, the thought of being able to run around the corner and get one late at night sounds divine too! I loved the video and a macaron could never overstay its welcome, keep 'em coming! Wonderful post.

Unknown said...

mmmmmt these look good! I've never had one in my life although I've always wanted to... the bf and I keep getting distracted by chocolate desserts...hehe.

ps. please take a second to check out my new blog:

Magdalena said...

Mimi, I can never tire of macarons, but you are right they are everywhere these days. Your images have me wanting some badly, this weekend I am heading to Mrs. London's in Saratoga they make incredible macarons. I don't think I have ever been to McDonalds??? as far as I can remember anyway so I would not go there for one if at all possible.
fun and interesting post!!

Lancerika said...

So glad you could not resist..
your pink macaron looks so
now,I must plan to escape
to Paris just to delight into
these heavenly confections!
ooh,the sweet anticipation..

Unknown said...

I love macarons without feeling between the cookies. I like to taste the almond flavor. Those are good. I make them once in a while.SO good.!!!
Thank you for caring about Zacky. For your friendship.
Gros bisous!!!

I never get tired of Macaroon post :P

Simplement ... said...

Alors là, tu me prends par les entiments !
J'adore les macarons !
J'ai goûté les macarons de Reims envoyés par une amie bloggueuse !
Bisous de belle journée.

Simplement ... said...

Les Sentiments ...

Duchess of Tea said...

I loved the video, I so wish I had a couple here with me now to help my tea go down a bit more smoothly. Mimi darling, I popped in to personally thank you for the sweet birthday wishes you left for Christopher. We are both ever so grateful for you kindness.

Love & Hugs

Hausfrau said...

Hmmm, seems a bit weird for McDo--but I don't know that I'd turn down one of their macarons should one be forced upon me...

The Daily Connoisseur said...

LOL please don't stop the macaron posts- I love looking at them!

Auntie Cake said...

Yumm! At this point, I don't think I would turn either of them down! But I know that McDonald's can't beat the beautiful colors and packaging of Laduree! I saved every box and bag I got from Laduree, their colors are good enough to eat, themselves!

Have a beautiful day, and please, eat some wonderful macarons for all of us! And keep those pictures coming!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

MIAM! Go ahead, more my dear!!! Thank you for this lovely treat! Anita


What a hoot! They look lovely. But flavor? I could only guess. ~ Angela

Champagne Macarons said...

Bonjour Mimi~
I must admit, I'm a macaron snob. Not only do I not eat at McDonald's, I won't eat a macaron unless it comes from a french bakery/restaurant. When I heard Starbuck's was selling them, I refused to try them. I thought "What's next, Perrier-Jouët McDonald's? =)
xoxo, B

Natasha in Oz said...

I just cannot picture myself eating such a classically French treat at a "Maccas" as we call the golden arches here in Australia. I have to agree with Belle Vie on this one!

Best wishes to you Mimi for a fabulous weekend,

OneCraftyFox said...

I have never met anyone obsessed by macaroons before. You should check out the Epicute blog!!

Pratishtha Durga said...

Not fair! I just had a very late lunch of fresh juice and some very boring salad. And now I can only think of macarons.

desde my ventana said...

I have never tried them. In a few weeks I will go to Paris and then .......

La Petite Gallery said...

Well, I'm in Maine so I'm calling Mickie D's and see if they have them. If they are awful I'll make them. Now to get a recipe...

Stephanie said...

Sadly, I have never eaten a macaroon. But they look delish!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

As I am getting ready to launch mine...selling them on my blog, I find this disturbing...I, if I was in Paris would NOT buy one from Mac Do...just like I would not buy them from Starbucks in the states!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oh my oh my..I'm not a snob either but this just seems wrong!

McDo a big McDon't. Happy weekend to you Mimi ~

Silvia C said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I adore yours and I adore those macaroons. One of the most heavenliest things on earth.

Eve said...

Dear Mimi,
can you imagine that I´ve NEVER had a macaron ? But your descriptions sound so great, that I would love to try it ! Unfortunately we don´t have it here at all, but if we´d had, I would also prefer to eat one handmade from a special and traditional store than from McDo. Simply because all handmade things are tastier and not a massproduct. Am I a snob now ? ;-)
I wish you a delicious weekend !
All the best,

De Ruijsbroekjes said...

oh wow, I eat them today for the first time..we have a new shopin Rotterdam: Delifrance, who sell these ..and I couldn't resist, they are sooo crunchy, sweet, yummie aaarrghh! Please come over to my blog in about a few days a will place a picture ;-))

Have a really nice weekend !

Anonymous said...

Pierre Hermé is now in London, and I just sampled a Strawberry-Balsamic vinegar one this afternoon. Can't imagine McDo's being anywhere close, but I applaud them for trying!

I'll post more soon about P.Hermé

Cheryl Carey Bass said...

Oh, I'd definitely give it a try! It's so hard to find any decent macrons here, if they served them at McDonald's I'd be over the moon!

p.s. I'm so glad you liked my new email button. That makes me feel great!

Catherine said...

I don't know if i would be tempted by a Mc DO macaron???there is macaron and macaron...many diferences , many tastes...SOOO diferent!

Jill said...

I never had one! I want to try :D

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooh I soooo enjoyed the article in the WSJ and LOVE this little video.
Sadly, when I went to Paris... I knew NOTHING about the macaron and never had one there.
In the Los Angeles, CA... I've had one from La Provence patisserie in Beverly Hills... and I bought a box of them from Trader Joe's... my friends had not had one on their various trips to Paris either... I served them the Trader Joe's version which we all liked... I preferred the vanilla... NOW we are ALL excited to go back to Paris and try them!

Anne Marie said...

i just told kasey about how i saw parisienne farmgirl now selling her homemade macarons! my order is in the mail and i can't wait!!

Obee Designs said...

There's just something wrong about that. Why do people think if they do one thing well, then they should do other things just as great? Leave McDo to making the burgers. I would want to buy my macarons at a place as beautiful and lovely as they taste. Go Laudree! There's just something about the atmosphere there that you just won't get at McDo! Mon Dieu!!

Have a lovely day!!

Unknown said...