Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do you Celebrate La Joie de Vivre?

Calling all writers, photographers and anyway who enjoys
Celebrating La Joie de Vivre
(Celebrating the Joy of Living)

Belle Inspiration Magazine along with Inspired Ink Media is planning
to publish a series of books that embraces la joie de vivre.

La Joie de Vivre is not about spending masses of money, it is a way of life. 
Living and enjoying each moment, and finding the beauty in everything around us.

Of course a big dose of French style never hurts, so there'll be plenty of that too!

I would be thrilled if you would like to share any tips, stories, or how-to's on how you
celebrate la joie de vivre in your everyday life -
at home or in your business! 
Love to see your photos too! 

If you are interested in submitting your info to be published in our book series,
please click here and send me an email with 'Book Series' as the subject!

Merci d'avance!

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!



Gaia said...

This is fantastic!!! I have to find a way to send you something!!!!

Great job are fantastic!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Mimi, this is a great idea. How long does the article need to be? Anita

Carole Poirot said...

Salut Mimi, I hope your well and August in Paris is nice and quiet ;-) This sounds like a lovely idea and I will have to see if I can come up with something useful. Have a good evening, Bisous xo

LuLu Kellogg said...

Mimi...this is a great idea. I can't wait to see what people will submit!


dkshopgirl said...

Hi Mimi
I love finding beautiful things all the time to enjoy life - will email something tonight! <3

It's me said...

What a great idea Mimi...enjoy a happy from

Ingrid Mida said...

What a lovely blog you have and what a beautiful idea for a book! Joie de vivre is definitely not about stuff - more like a quiet appreciation of the beauty of everyday.

Unknown said...

Hi Mimi! Just reading these sweet words..joie de vivre..well..makes me smile!
So thank you for this! This is a gorgeous idea,I'm sure that everyone of us would love to be part of it!

D. Jean Quarles said...

Great idea. Keep us posted.

French said...

Oh what fun~ I think I will write a piece for your consideration!

Anonymous said...

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Facing50.Blog said...

Mimi - I have found your fabulous blog thanks to my dear friend High Heeled Life who recommended I drop by. I would be most interested in adding my two pences' (or is deux centimes'?) worth.
I have lots of stories that embrace life...some of which can be found at my blog
I hope you could consider my involvement andwoul dbe delighted to send you some of my efforts.
I also have a debut humorous novel out now in papaerback which is all about Joie de Vivre. Entitled Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines it tackles the thorny issue of growing older but enjoying life.
Warm wishes

Robyn Story said...

Mimi.. i love this idea.I am going to put my thinking hat on and would love to submit something.. i hopw to meet you in person someday.. i would love to visit you in Paris.. until then i will forever be inspire by your vision.