Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Once Upon a Time... My First Giveaway!

   The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun.

You know me,  the hopeless romantic,  I  want to celebrate  this romantic holiday everyday!

Call me old fashioned
I’d love to hear how you met your true love.
Will you share your love story with us,
Or a love story that has inspired you ?

Simply jot down the ‘short version’ in the comments till
 February 5th!  February 14th

I will post the most romantic stories and feature them in a special
Valentine’s Day Love Story Series.

** A winner will be chosen via and will
receive a surprise gift from Paris. **
I do hope you will participate and join in the fun! 

If you are still waiting for that special someone you can still be a part – I waited a very long time to meet my sweetheart -  tell me who you are dreaming of.
Join us!

Once Upon a Time...


Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!
Mimi Bleu

Old fashioned postcard: The Graphics Fairy


Auntie Cake said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. It meant so much to me, and my sis, also.

I love Valentine's Day too, so romantic and dreamy, and I can't wait to read some of your comments on how people met. My hubby walked into my work and the next day I was riding on the back of his motorcycle enjoying the fall leaves. Not too terribly exciting, but after 15 years, glad he came in!

Queen "B" said...

you have enticed me into telling my love story! Al and I met on a blind date we had dinner and saw the movie MOONSTRUCK during the scene of the engagement at the restaurant, Al asked me if a man should have the ring first and I said definately!!. We were set up by a mutual friend. We met in April of 1988, and we were engaged September of 1988 in Carmel and Married Feb 3 198. We have been married almost 21 years..whew!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

My husband stopped his car, chatted me up and we went for a drink !! We have now been married for 33 years !!!!
One thing though. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day as it is meant for unrequited love !! XXXX

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dear, what fun.....I am on the run right now, but I do have a story to tell!!! You are such a dear and a love! BISOUS! Anita

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

We met on a blind date. My roommate invited a friend of hers to visit for the weekend and he brought my future husband along. My friend and I were managers in a large department store and when her friend and my husband came down the escalator, he saw me and said, "the blonde is mine." We hit it off and have been married forty years. He proposed at a romantic lighted fountain as it was starting to get dark and then asked my father for my hand.

I'm looking forward to others responses. This is so much fun.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Wonderful idea - I'll write mine when I have a little more time. Good idea!

Lee said...

I met mine at a dance, we left and rode a motorcycle too. I don't dance and he shouldn't... he's

We dated a year...sold everything we owned, got married and moved to Nashville, TN. Started over fresh and new... later we moved back home to Texas. 21 years total.

I am anxious to hear your story.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Bonjour chèrie!!! THank you for coming by again! I just love getting visits! Oh yeah, I will most definitely give you my love story! My first week back at school was good, but is hectic at the moment....I can't wait for the weekend! I will visit you with my story then! How is everything in the City of Love? Bisous ma chère, et je reviendrai!!! Anita

Unknown said...

It sounds like a wonerful idea!:-) I have met my husband by chance. I was looking for a job and was invited for an interview for a position. He was the person in charge of interviewing me :-) I got the job and 1 year later we have been married. :-) Next year we will celebrate our 10th year together!:-)

Wanda Lee said...

Let me begin by wishing you a marvelous and blessed new year in 2010 dear lady, as well as to thank you for all of the lovely,kind,encouraging and uplifting comments during the past several months!~ It has meant so very much to me!..,

I also adore Valentines day and have always had a special place in my heart;(no "pun" intended), for Valentines day, as my birthday is just two days before that day.

I love your creative, delightful theme and "countdown" to Valentines day along with gathering the stories of how your readers met their sweethearts!`

How utterly delightfully sweet and befitting of the Valentines day theme!

I must go now, as this is the day that mama returns from her holiday sojourn and I must pick her up soon at the airport;yet I will return to share the story of how I met my sweetie!..,

Take care and enjoy being creative!

Cheers and blessings from Silken Purse

Aisling Smith said...

lovely idea, I'm still waiting to find mine! but it gives ya hope to read some love stories
great blog

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

Aww what a lovely theme and I've just enjoyed reading through everyone else's stories. He was a DJ ... I was a student ... we moved in together a month later and I still remember phoning my mum from a call box to break the news(pre mobile phones - I hate to admit) and her saying to me "It will never work you living with a bloke" ... lol 15 years later xxx

Winchester Manor said...

What a wonderful idea!

Well, in the age of the computer I met my wonderful man online! Something I thought I would never do but I found it to be a good way to communicate with someone sight unseen and really learn their personality without being blinded by physical atributes.

I feel in love with his personality, wit and sense of humor. When we finally did meet in person his physical atributes were just a bonus...I totally scored, he's the love of my life and the man of my dreams!

koralee said...

What a great idea...I wish I had some romantic story to share but I don't. We meet in University...he sat in front of me. I know you will have lots of amazing stories my friend.
Thank you for your blog love and your sweet sweet comments. xoxo

love lives in the kitchen said...

what a cute idea! i really love it! i promise to be back soon (when i have 5 minutes) to write you my story!
have a sweet day!

Rita said...

Dearest Mimi,
what an adorable and enticing theme for a post... *** TrEs RoMAntIQuE ***
My Hybby and I were set up by mutual friends when we both were at college. We both come from the same town and went to the same college some 100 km from home. As customary in Italy we dated for several years before getting engaged and eight years after our first date we finally got married. Sad note is 2 years after our daughter was born we got legally separated (never divorced though). But luckily enough there is also a bright side to this since our love proved to be very strong and firmely rooted and a few years later we got back together. We love each other very much and he's helped me out a lot during the roughest and toughtest times in life, last of which my mother's illness and death. Not only is he my true love but also my best friend and so am I to him.
It might not be the best love story of all but it's so very precious to me and I'm very thankful that your delightful post gave me the opportunity to count it, once again today, among my blessings and share it with you.
I've enjoyed very much reading all the romantic love stories that have been shared so far and will come back again for more.
p.s. I'm waiting to read about yours...

Chicago Chic said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun, I definitely want to join in! I just need some time to think and then I will :)

Also, I didn't know that you were an American living in Paris....I feel that we can relate so much! It is much different than everything I am used to...and Paris? Wow, that must be amazing :)


Unknown said...

Double celebration for me this year - Valentines Day and Chinese New Year are both at the same time!!
We were best friends first before getting together - a very lovely foundation for lasting happiness!
Have a great weekend :-)

The Pocket Stylist said...

Oh darling I love this give away.

My sweet hubby and I met on the 3rd of July 8 years ago. Our little town closes the main street and everyone dances and has great time. But this year I ran into some old guy friends and decided to hang out with them. All of a sudden this tall handsome man come over to us. It was definately love at first sight. Once we began talking I know I just had to be with this guy. We hung out everyday after that meeting until I had to leave for college 400 miles away. He asked me to be his girlfriend with hard work, lots of visits and our undieing love we survived 2 years of long distance 2 years ago we got married and one years ago we welcomed our little girl Emma into the world. Without him I would have never made it through all of life highs and lows. He is my very best friend and my super hottie..

Happy Valentines day doll.

lady jicky said...

We meet at a New Years Eve party. I thought he was a pain in the neck!
We have been married for 35 years.LOL

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I was a interior decorator, then later a wedding planner and now I write novels alone at home. The only men I know are either getting married, fabulous gay or of my own making. You know I've lost the will to I kid. I love Valentine's Day, in fact I'm dressing a few windows at the mall this year and we get started in a few week. So fun, reds, whites and pink everywhere.
I'll come by to see how thing progress here.
Have a brilliant weekend my dear,

Chicago Chic said...

You are so right, we would not change anything about these experiences, not for the world! ...and you are also right, I know I could not have done this without the love of my life and you with your amazing French Love...

Here is my story!

It was a beautiful Fall day in San Diego. My college stood right over the beach and I was leaving class, heading down a long dirt path. I saw a man walking ahead of me on the same path....he was tall with dark hair, and suddenly my breath was taken away. I knew I had to get his attention but I am a very shy girl by nature so all that I could think to do is to walk faster, and pass him so that at least I could get his attention. After I passed him, I did not know if I would ever see him again. Little did I know that very same moment, this man saw me walk past him and FOLLOWED ME! It was love at first sight for him as well, and he followed me throughout campus, but he too was afraid to say anything.

About a week later, as though fate had our names written in the book of Love, my good friend Faye asked me to go to a house-warming party with her. I was a little tired that night and not feeling well but I agreed. We met up with a couple of friends before hand and one of the guys with her said to me, "Do you know Eric? Because I think you would be perfect for him." I still cannot believe that moment happened because how did he know? We walked in the house and there, standing at the bottom of the stairs was the man I had seen on the path....the man who had taken my breath away. He was staring at me too, in disbelief because he knew it was me. All night was like a scene from a movie. A group of us went out to a restaurant and we just sat next to each other, smiling, laughing, and falling more in love by the minute.

It did not take us long to realize we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together. We only dated for 1 year, and then he proposed in the most beautiful way in a Rose Garden in Balboa Park. He left a rose at each beautiful location in the park and each rose had a card with one thing that he loved about me. We have now been married for 3 years (September 2) and as you know, we ran away to Italy together, we are here on a romantic and challenging journey, chasing our dreams together in Rome.

Sherrie said...

I was on a date with his roommate. The guy was so sweet. He had made a home cooked meal for me and had told his roommate (now my hubby) to stay away for the evening. Hubby to be forgot his tie, so had to show up at the apartment (with his girlfriend in tow) to retrieve the tie for a fancy dinner reservation they were going to..... what can I say it was love at first sight. He was funny, handsome, witty and we started dating the following week. We were married 7 months later, that was 29 years ago.

Catherine said...

We met during our holidays in very romantic place by the sea in Normandy called Etretat!Hope you are not too cold in it's cold.Catherine

Lori said...

I met my best friend (hubby) 12 years ago in October. My friend was having a “pig pickin” If you don’t know what a “pig pickin” is it is a big party, and you cook a pig… I saw this guy and just thought he was a very nice looking guy…. He and I started talking and we just clicked. I gave him my number and he called and took me to a fabulous restaurant and we talked the night away!!! One year later we were married and have been living happily ever after…. He and I are best friends and were before we were married.. If you lucky to find someone special make sure they are your best friend…

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see so many of your viewers with lovely stories of romance to share with you. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I will continue to drop by to see what amazing stories you have to share!

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello Hon,What a fun blog.Everything is so cheery and happy.I also love Valentines.
Here is my love story as short as possible.
My hubby Bill was on his last three days leave. He was in the Marines, and just got back from Viet Nam. He was on a date with my friend Ruth, but Ruth was engaged to another.Ruth brought Bill to my home. We three went to a lounge.Someone told Ruth that her intended was coming in said lounge. Ruth said to me, what am I going to do? I said you go meet so anso...I'll take care of Bill for you...LOL... And I have been taking care of Bill now for 39 years now. You see...when Ruth brought Bill to my home...For me it was love at first sight. Bill had that Marine corp figure and was gorgeous and manly.He also surived V.N.
This was such fun, Thank you Dear,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Karena said...

My love of my life walked into my office and was sitting talking with my managing broker. It was a whirlwind romance, love at 1st site, and I will have more details to come!

Krisztina said...

once upon a time.....

my husband an I met in in the internet, we were chatting then we were dating, this was in 2000. now we know each other 10 years, in 2005 was our wedding, and we went Provence on honeymoon,

in 2005 we built our house and this year we want the first kid,

our love is clean, true and real and only one,

from Hungary

ps: i love your blog

Barb said...

What a lovely idea.

My oldest son introduced my "future husband" to me. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship...Health wise, I was going through a very difficult period. Certainly not looking or feeling "datable". We've been married 6 years now.

My son is still waiting for a finder's fee-hehe.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Renaissance Grace said...

I launch my new love into the world on Valentine's day , follow the process on my blog.
Here's to Romance it makes the world go round.
Take care,lovely to meet you Susanxx

Floralovely said...

There's nothing like a sweet love story to warm your heart :)
How it all began: My Sweetheart is a plumber and I am a florist. He was given a job working on a Hairdressing Salon next door to the Florist shop where I was working. To gain access to underneath the building he had to come in to the Florist shop to get the key from me :) Each morning he would come in with a smile, and he started bringing little things like a coffee, a muffin and one day he gave me a flower he had picked from someone's garden :) When he had finished the job next door, we were both dismayed that we wouldn't see each other every day anymore... Well, we needn't have worried. 6 months later we moved in together and 6 months after that we were engaged. We were married last year and he is truly the love & light of my life xoxo You can see some of our wedding pics here:

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Oh, what a lovely and romantic idea! I'll be back to share my little love story. Merci!


English Rose ♥ said...

I love love and I love your blog

Darling you may have guessed that i'm a bit in love - would you like to exchange links?

Stay safe and chic darling
English Rose x

Brabourne Farm said...

You've just proved it - everyone has an interesting story to tell! Great idea for a giveaway. Leigh

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

What a great idea - I love hearing how people met!

The story of my husband, M, and I was fairly understated. He was the friend of one of my neighbours and tagged along to my house one day. Then he started coming around more and more.

When a group of us took a road trip to the States he finally asked me out and we haven't been apart since (married 2.5 years, together nearly 7). I guess, as they say, the rest is history.

Jackie said...

Hi! thank you for stopping by my blog. I now have the photos of the give a way up, if you'd like to swing by and leave a comment to enter.

Yes, my granddaughter is very much a highlight in my life!

This is such a quote post you did, but, I'm single so I have no story to tell perhaps someday.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Mimi are truly a sweet angel! Thank you for coming for some snow on the Eiffel Tower and to my cold corner of the world! How is the City of Lights treating you these days? Oh, go to Ladurée for me! I will be getting back to you for sure with my love story, but I am working on my revisions for my masters thesis tonight; I defend it next week!!!! Bisous, Anita

Kori said...

First of all, I love that vintage card! So sweet! Hmmm, let's see...I will tell you a little about Jerry and I.

Jerry and I met in 6th grade. He has a twin brother (fraternal) and they were the new hot boys to arrive at our school. I always liked Jerry over Robbie because he had dark hair and Robbie had blond.

We went to Junior High together, but kind of lost contact, since I was going through my awkward phase.

Last May, he added me as a friend on Facebook. I remember thinking, "why is Jerry adding me on Facebook?" but I added him and didn't think much of it. He continued to send me some things here or there, but never asked me out.

In August, my friend was his mutual friend and thought we should go out. I mentioned meeting for drinks and we have been together since. It is so fun to date someone who grew up 5 minutes from you. We have all the same memories.

Thanks for the sweet comments on my featured blog post honey. You are much too kind. Kori xoxo

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Hello from Canada....just wanted to say thank you for coming by and leaving me such a nice note,I am off to work right now but will stop by later and poke around your blog!! All the best,Chrissy

Haute World said...

What a beautiful idea! I don't have time to write a full story, but I met my hubby via mutual friends at a music concert he was attending as well. We didn't talk much and we were both in different relationships at the time, but enjoyed each others company. A few years later we met again, this time in Istanbul at a jazz festival, again with our friends in tow. The sparks flew this time (we were both single) and even though we lived in different countries, we started seeing each other each weekend (yes, one of us flew across Europe every single weekend). That was 4,5 years ago, we've now been married for a little over a year and these days we prefer to travel together ;-)

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there,thanks for your lovely comment, great idea, what a lovely giveaway!Sharon xxoo

Magdalena said...

Oh how exciting I love a good giveaway!! I met my husband 23 years ago in college. He came up to me and told me he loved my 'Big Brown Eyes' and we have been together and madly madly in love ever since!! We dated 7 years before we were married. He proposed to me as we were sailing off the coast of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and I heard all of these songs coming from the radio in the bedroom and realized they were 'our' songs. He had made a tape of music we loved and when I came out he took out this pretty black velvet box and popped the question. We then had a fairy tale wedding in Saratoga NY surrounded by our loved ones and went on to have three lovely sons. He is my Love..and I love love love Valentine's Day!!
Have a beautiful day...or I should say evening in Paris!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling, I love Valentine day and so wished I had a handsome one to share it with...sorry no romantic story, not yet at least, may be in 2011.

Love & Hugs

Duchess of Tea said...

Vous êtes si gentils. Merci de prendre le temps pour poster ce deuxième commentaire. Vous avez éclairé mon jour et m'avez donné l'espoir.


A Refocused Life said...

Your comment on my blog - the bench at the foot of the bed. I have the same problem with clothes...not just benches, but anything with a horizontal surface. I love the love, but if it's there, I'll use it as an extension of my closet. Thanks for visiting my post and leaving your comment.

A Refocused Life said...

PS. Your Valentine's Day 'tell your story' idea is so fun...can't wait to read the top picks. My story isn't unique or interesting - mutual friend, blind date, 34 years of wedded bliss.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Mimi! You visited Nocturne and saw the Pink Lady and Bebe! I am venturing out as I release myself from the shackles of my Master's program! I want to have some FUN NOW! Thank you for coming; you are such a dear. I will work on my romantic story and I guess I leave it here in the comment page? I will come back. Have a lovely evening in the CITY OF LOVE! Anita

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, the short version...that could be difficult but I will do my best...I love this idea...

Joel and I met when I was 18 and he was 26. We met a a hole in the wall country dance bar that I used to go to with my Mom. She introduced us one night and there was serious sparks BUT, that age difference was a bit daunting.
Joel was the darling of the dance floor and all those single, divorcé's didn't like this young, just barely graduated from High School girl coming in to steal their two stepping partner.
We met in January and twice a week when a song that he new I liked would come on he would stroll across the bar to ask me to dance. (He sat on the "bar fly" side and we sat with our little line dancing church group side) By March I told my mother, "I am going to marry Joel" though not a word of affection had been spoken between us.
He taught me how to two step..."slow, slow, quick, quick.." then, sometimes the next song would be a slow dance and we would be stuck on the dance floor. Oh darn.
The sparks we poppin' out on that floor as twice a week we fell in love as everyone watched.
I still remember his carefree nature, the light smell of beer on his breath, t-shirt a little sweaty from dancing...
Finally by June we were whirling across the dance floor all the time, divorcé's be darned...and then during one of those slow songs he confessed he did not know what to do about the age difference...well, he figured it out and we finally became official, he asked me to merry him on Christmas and we were married the following August...this August that will be 15 years ago.
We still dance together.

Val's Dragonfly Whimsy said...

Love your blog :D

I met my hubby in the last year of High School - you could say love at first sigh - our mutual friend introduced us after school one day (he was older, not at school any more and driving!) and as they say, one thing led to another and we were together pretty much straight away. Seven years later we married and now after 13 years of married life we have two kiddies and we are still as much in love as were were when I first clapped eyes on him :D

Kristen said...

I met my husband at church over 14 years ago. He invited me out to eat with the group and the next time we met to a concert.

It was 33 days from the day we met to the day we married.


Unknown said...

Just stopped by to wish you a wonderul Wednesday! Thank you for your great comment on my "Moulin Rouge" moment.:-) Made me felle much better!:-)

Kori said...

Thank you for commenting on my Lana Turner post honey. You are too kind as usual. I love hearing from you and always appreciate your feedback. I was so excited to see Jerry when he got back and he said the same. Thanks for your amazing compliments. Hope you are having a great day darling! Kori xoxo

Jenny said...

Before my husband I had never had a boyfriend and could only boast a few dates under my belt. And by the time I met him I was 29! Yikes. I was very social but alas, it seemed, no one courted me. Except one, and being a cheese ball I will say it….it was The Lord. I accepted Christ at the age of 18 and went off to college and flourished as a believer and a student.

Thank the Lord I was constantly surrounded by family and friends who are active in their lives and their faith and so when I shared my aches for marriage and family they heard, prayed and hoped alongside me. Then one day my dear sister (without meaning to, but very God lead) set me up on a blind date!

Then we met. It was a Thursday night. I arrived first and waited in the parking lot and watched him park near me and go in to the restaurant, knowing him from my sister’s description: 6ft. athletic build, blond hair, blue eyes, and even her hubby had mentioned the fact that “yeah, he is good lookin’”. I paused, prayed that the Lord would put aside all the awkwardness, and felt “This is it!” I walked in and yes, our eyes locked, we couldn’t wipe the silly grins from our faces. We talked so much and so easily about everything, family, faith, the girls, interests, hobbies……that we forgot to eat (a shocker for anyone that knows our foodie tendencies), and after the meal was done, we still wanted to talk and got coffee. We closed down the Starbucks and realized the night had to end but set another date for two days later. We said goodnight and quickly clasped hands and zowie! I remember the rush of that first touch, but even more distinctly I remember thinking here was my ONE. 22 days later we were engaged. 8 months later we were married. Now 7 years later with three girls my heart is so full and yes, I do love him more than the day I married him.

Catherine said...

congratulations for your awards .finally the snow is melting! hugs catherine

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Sweet Mimi,
On yur latest post, there is nowhere to leave a comment! Congrats on the awards! Anita

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

My husband and I met more than 35 years ago. He was the new manager of my neighborhood drugstore, where one of my very good friends worked. She introduced us and he asked me out for coffee, the rest is history.
We have been through good times and bad times together and we have always made it through thick and thin. It's called love.
Thanks for such a lovely post.

Tilly Rose said...

Bonjour hunny!
I love your blog....happy, happy, happy!
Your post is a lovely's my little tale....
My hubby Steve moved in as a lodger 24 years ago. He used to call me "Doris the landlady" ...we became best friends then much more and have been together ever since.
He's my rock and very bestest friend in the whole wide world!...(and he still calls me Doris!)
Hugs karen x x x

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

The short version is...we first met back in 1979 when he was in the Royal Air Force..but only as friends...he went off to Germany,

I married someone else also in the RAF..we went to Germany, same friend left germany in 1982 for the UK, 1984 My hubby then and I left for Scotland..and after much more travelling, My hubby then and I moved to a RAF camp near Oxfordshire..and guess what my friend was there too! My marriage was very turbulent, and my friend and I were still only friends..until August 14th 1991..

My hubby and I split up and I moved to Wales with my friend (now my hubby) and we have been together since then married for 17 years next month.

My two sons from 1st marriage always thought he was great, they are such great friends too.

Not such a romatic story as some of the above, but it was like it was meant to we were both always on the move.

Emily said...

I have YET to have a romantic love story, so here is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

"Lieutenant John Blandford was in New York City at Grand Central station, and he looked up at the bog clock. It said five til six. His heart was racing. At exactly six o'clock he was going to meet the girl whom he thought he was in love with but had never met. This is what had happened...

While he was in training as a fighter pilot during World War II, he happened to go to the library and checked out a book. As he flipped through the pages, he noticed that someone had made notes in the margins. Reading the insightful observations in beautiful handwriting, he said to himself, I would love to meet whoever wrote these notes; they seem to be so kind, gentle, and wise.

He looked in the front of the book and saw a name: Hollis Meynell, New York City. He decided to try and find her. With the help of a New York City phone book, he found her address and wrote her a letter. The day after he wrote her, he was shipped overseas to fight in the war.

Surprisingly, Hollis answered John's letter. The two corresponded back and forth throughout the war. "Her letters were just like the marvelous notes she had written in that book," John recalled. "She was so comforting and so helping."

One time John confessed in a letter that he had been scared to death when he'd found himself surrounded by enemy planes. Hollis had assured him that all brave men are afraid at times. She suggested that the next time he felt fear, he should imagine her voice reciting, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me."

As they continued to write, John began to realize that he was having romantic feelings toward Hollis. He wrote, "Send me a picture," and she declined saying, "If your feeling for me has any reality, what I look like won't matter."

Still, he was intrigued by this woman and longed to meet her in person. Finally that day came when he was able to return to the States on leave. He mentioned in one of his letters that he was coming home and would like to take her to dinner. She arranged to meet him at Grand Central station at 6:00 p.m. by the big clock. "You'll know who I am because I'll be wearing a red rose," she wrote.

At last the day had come. John waited nervously to finally meet the girl he thought he loved. Then his heart leaped as a young woman approached, her slim figure capped off by an attractive face framed with curling blond hair. In her pale-green suit she looked fresh and lively, and her flower-blue eyes sparkled.

He moved toward her without realizing she was not wearing a rose. She welcomed his approach with a quiet, "Going my way, soldier?" But as he took another step, he realized that just beyond her stood another woman--a plump, graying woman with a red rose adorning her rumpled coat.

He stopped cold, utterly torn between following the winsome young beauty in the green suit and keeping his commitment to the woman whose letters had so uplifted him during the war.

Abruptly, he made his decision. With unhesitating strides he approached the plump woman, whose face beamed with a warm smile. "I'm Lieutenant John Blandford, and you--you must be Miss Meynell. I'm so glad you could meet me. Would you join me for dinner?"

The woman's smile grew broader with what appeared to be quiet amusement. "I don't know what this is all about, Son," she said. The she pointed toward a figure in a green suit, who was now nearly out of sight. "That young lady gave me this rose and asked me to wear it while walking through the train station. She said that if you asked me to go with you, I was to let you know she'd be waiting for you in the restaurant across the street."

"She said it was some kind of test."

Hope you liked it, please enter me in the contest!
Xoxox- Emily

love lives in the kitchen said...

hello dear friend! let me tell you my love story (in finally have some time to write it down :)
i met my husband 6 years ago - we met (or better we saw eachother but we didn't even speak...) on new year's eve 2003. i was only a guest in my future husband's home town in italy only for few days visiting my friend genny (i spent some months in italy in that period at university but in a completely different place). my future husband came home only for christmas from washington (where was completing his master in law). after that night we haven't seen eachother for 1 year and 8 months... in the meantime his best friend felt in love with me (oh my god, i know, it sounds terrible... i didn't like him at all and i really didn't know what to do...). i finished my experience in italy and io came back to warsaw. in august 2005 my friend genny invited me to stay with her for summer holidays at the seaside. i accepted immediately and took a flight. i didn't know that that decision would change my life completely... i met again the guy who was in love with me (and he still was...) and i met his best friend... my husband. on the very first day we understood that it was love but my husband didn't want to hurt his friend so he did't show anything to me... i was sure that he didn't like me... forunately almost immediately after that holiday i was sent from my office to milan for few days. my husband moved to milan at the beginning of 2005 so we met... finally alone, without his friend... it was the most beautiful moment of my life and after only 4 months i left warsaw, took a one way ticked and move to milan... and here i am, a happy wife!
wish you all a great sna valentine!

Anne Marie said...

he arrived on the college campus at the same time....every day I watched his worn jeans grace a staggered walk.......and the turquoise upon his black cowboy hat made me catch my breath......
i purposely walked in front of him, nervous as a country hopefully catch his eye - but to no avail -
i had to take matters into my own hands.....seeing him at the local five and dime, after getting off my waitress shift, I asked him if he'd like to come over to play some pool.....
never - ever - taking the initiative before like that, my heart skipped a beat when he said "sure"......

the story continues into a deeper understanding of love and a testimony of faith.....but one thing is certain - since that meeting, there has not been one day when we have been parted from each other -
we have now been married 13 years and are blessed with 5 children, and now, he can wear his cowboy hat on our farm -

thanks for listening to my humble little love story -

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Mimi,
Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! I'm taking a few minutes from my moving to enter your extra fun contest! And now, my story...!

My husband Victor and I met at a record store in 1984. I wasn't working there (yet) and the day I met him, I knew there was something special about him. I ended up working there too and we spent time together and were close for a time, but I see now that we were not meant to be together right then. He moved back to where he grew up and a year later, I left too. We both always stayed in touch with our friend James, who had been our co-worker at the record store, however, Victor and I lost touch with each other. He got married and I moved to Washington, DC. Thirteen years later, I had been in the hospital with a heart problem and James called Victor to tell him. Victor asked James for my number. He called me, just out of the blue one day and after that we would talk occasionally about what was going on in our lives, books we had read, music we were listening to. At some point, he got divorced and we spoke more often. One day he called and asked me, "If I came there, how much notice would you need?" I said I would need at least a couple of days, but really didn't believe I would see him again. He called one night (which was the night before my birthday) and said, "Um, yeah, um, true confession time, I'm going to be there tomorrow!"!!! So, after 18 years, he flew to a city where he had never been before, took the subway from the airport to where I was and he was here!! Three days later, he told me that he wanted to live here (that was February), he visited again in March and April, moved here in June, proposed in July and we were married in a fairy tale wedding the next May! And our friend James was our best man!

Thank you for dreaming up this contest!!


Blue Creek Home said...

Six months after an especially painful break-up, and still not dating, I went to the bank on a Friday afternoon.
I ran into an acquaintance, who insisted I meet her boyfriend's room mate. She wouldn't take no for an answer, so I accepted. She was going to take care of the details. (boyfriend and G-Man worked in the B-ham office, but were working some cases in our town and were sharing an apartment there.)
So, I met her at a restaurant and we were joined by her boyfriend, who apologized that my date was sick with the flu.
The boyfriend left the table and announced when he returned that his friend was coming after all, but he had gone back to B'ham and it would take an hour to get there.
The restaurant closed and the 3 of us shuffled into the bar area to wait for blind date.
He finally arrived, and we had a blast even though her really was sick.
Turns out the boyfriend had called him from the restaurant and told him it would be worth it to get up and come!!! How funny!
A year later...I married my G-Man.
(a friend nicknamed him that because of his governmnentjob!)
And, I still love him something fierce!!!

Kate said...

My husband fell in love with me when we were 13 and I moved to the small town he was living in. I didn't notice him one bit. Four years later I was matched up with him for prom and he was super excited, but I only saw him as a friend. Four years after that (noticing a pattern now?) I woke up and realized my best friend was exactly who I wanted, so I asked him out and we got married a year later! We'll be married 3 years in May, and we're hoping to have a baby by year 4! We can't break the cycle, you know! And the story we tell everyone? That we met at this park we were both taken to when we were little. That we were 4 (this was before I noticed the pattern) and that he fell in love with me and told his mom, "I met a girl and I'm getting married." He's always known, it just took me a while. When he was getting ready to ask me to marry him he drove me our under the stars and we sat talking (he was leaving for England the next morning). I said to him "Thank you for loving me so much." and he responded, "Thank you for finally seeing me." We danced under the stars, and as I turned to look up at the sky, sad he was leaving, he got down on one knee. I always tell him that when we finally got it together that the stars having watched us for so long shone brighter celebrating that it finally as it was always supposed to be.

Carol Mae said...

Here's my short version of my love story. I meet my husband at a Civil Air Patrol meeting at an air field in Milwaukee, WI. I thought he was really a smarty pants, He told me later that the first time he saw me he knew I was going to be his bride. Well!! low and behold if he wasn't right!!He's still a smarty pants after 45 years. Gotta love him. Smiles, Carol Mae

Marina Saclley @ Iced VoVo's said...

Its so lovely to read all these stories ... great idea!

I met my husband on the library lawn steps at the university we both went to. We quickly became best friends and after college we went our separate ways, but constantly kept in contact. Many years later we became romantically involved (difficult at first, as we were best friends), we moved in together and were married within 6 months. He is caring and loving, extremely thoughtful, he makes me laugh and we still behave like we're in our 20's.
We have been happily married for 15 years and even though I dont really believe in soul mates ... he definitely is mine!

Annesphamily said...

I met my husband at the Holiday Inn hot spot, a bar called the Bloody Bucket. I know it sounds unromantic but..that was 1976. In 1972 I met his mom,long story, and she said to me, "You would make a perfect wife for my son Avery." I never forgot it. I was leaving for California the next day, I was going to be maid of honor for my friend Barb. But we stayed in touched and dated. In 1984 we married, he adopted my girl Noelle and one month after our marriage I had my first in a series of three major neuro surgeries. He shaved my legs, washed my half bald head for me and basically cared for me. I knew he was a keeper. That same year, he was attending bible college and wrote a creative writing paper that he outlined all this. It touched my heart and I knew he was my one and only true love.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I was 21 years old. I had told my self, "I'm done dating. It's over." I went to church that weekend and made my peace with GOd. After the singing group finished, I hung around the piano to chat with friends and I turned to this stranger who was part of the singing group and asked him, "Do you play the piano?" 30 years later, we are more in love than ever. He told me that the minute I turned to him he "immediately fell in love." Thanks a lot Lord!!!! Anita

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