Friday, January 29, 2010

Beauty Mark

Beauty is all around us.  
Architectural design and decoration  
inspires me.
DSC00497Gallery on the Champs Elysées
DSC00127Scrolls, friezes, carved statues
DSC00502Medieval elements in the 5th arrondissement
DSC00503Intricate detailing
Ornate ironworks
Everywhere we look there is something to catch our eye.
Sometimes we just need to look up
I’d like to make this  ‘Beauty Mark’  theme a regular post. 
Let me know what inspires you where you live?

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!
Mimi Bleu

Eiffel Tower: Graphics Fairy


Unknown said...

this post is the very reason so many people dream of going to Paris...every building is a piece of art. such an inspiring city filled with beautiful architecture!
xox alison

Susan B said...

Lovely! On our first visit to Paris, I was so awestruck by the architecture, and the detailing on the buildings. I took so many pictures of the carvings and moldings. Art is everywhere you look in Paris!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oooo , I answered you in my post !!
How funny that we did similar posts. Yours is of opulence and grandeur, whilst mine is of village life and, probably, mostly poverty.
Paris is so beautiful and, I was told once, when I was very young that when you are travelling to always look up ! XXXX

Natasha in Oz said...

These images are beautiful and I love the idea of the Beauty Mark being a regular feature. I will have to look out for these gorgeous landmarks when I next travel to Paris.

Have a wonderful weekend and best wishes always, Natasha.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Mimi, your visit means so much to me! Thank you for your félications!!! I AM ELATED! And.....your pics of my favorite city in the universe are just breathtaking! How lucky you are! Do you work in Paris? What do you do? Bisous ma belle! Anita

Stephanie said...

It certainly does not top these photos or Paris, but I do get inspired by the architecture in the French Quarter here. I love the balconies, high ceilings, tall doors, and elegant stature of the buildings.

James said...

Beauty indeed! Thank you for the lovely images.

Lori said...

How very lovely!!!

My husband took me to Paris in 1999. the clock was counting down to 2000. We had a really nice time there. One night we got bread and wine and went back to the hotel and had a wonderful time.....

I will have to join your party.

Lipstick Chick said...

Nothing like European architecture! Thanks so much for sharing!


My Grama's Soul said...

Oh dear friend-
You are right....everything is beautiful in PARIS!!




So much regal beauty. Thank you for sharing! As for beauty in Texas, bluebonnets would have to top the list. Architecture in this area leaves much to be desired - not much in the way of historical buildings. ~ Angela

Shabbychicdiva said...

Simply beautiful. Wonderful post! Have a wonderful weekend. Winona

Unknown said...

These pics are lovely!!!
I live on the coast - must take some pics and post soon!
Have a great weekend :-)

VM Creation Atelier said...

Dear,dear Bojour Romance!-)))*

Incradible architecture from Paris...
Love it very mach,thankyou for share,

Have a beautiful weekend,

Warm greetings,***Violetta***

Eve said...

Dear Mimi,
how wonderful buildings ! I love that little medievial tower :-)
Have a wonderful and warm weekend !

desde my ventana said...

Tu as de la chance Mimi , Paris est simplement merveilleux. Je passerai 4 jours là en avril .... je désire y aller.
Très bon weekend,

Janean said...

how enchanting! adore it.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Mimi dearest,
Thank you for coming for a slice of French bread! But I don't have to tell you how wonderful this treat is! I remember Le Nôtre, Paul and all of the other small boulangeries in France that just stole my heart and stomach for a fraction of the price of a lousy loaf of American bread! Oh, you are living a dream, and with your love...and you have a business! BRAVO! Oh, come to my table anytime chèrie! Anita

Paris Pastry said...

I see the first photograph and I'm lost! The Marcel Dassault's mansion is my all-time favorite building in the world - it is sooo gorgeous! Just like this post ;) Thank you for sharing these stunning images, I'll go back and dream about Paris some more!

Rita said...

Dear Mimi,
your posts always amaze me and this one is absolutely superb. love every single pic you posted and I love your idea of beauty mark being a regular feature at Bonjour Romance. thank you for making me dream, as this is all I can afford right now!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello my sweet friend...

I just read your sweet note and had to come right over! I always love our visits...thank you for coming by and thank you for your warm and generous compliments on my silver post!

Well my dear...I always, always love coming to your place!!! I love all of your photos of the beautiful city of Paris! Everytime I come to your place and see Paris...I am reminded of my romantic honeymoon spent there!!! This post about architecture...well, let me just have the most fabulous architecture in your city of anywhere in the world! When I was there...I just stood in awe of how everything is so exquisite!!! I brought back lots of photos for sweet memories! Hehe! But I remember going to the breathtakingly beautiful the architecture is! I love, love, LOVE art but I must say that the interior architecture stole my attention! I have more photos of the ornate ceilings, etc. than of the art! Hehe! The thing that really amazed me about the architecture of Paris was the many different is truly a unique city!!! Thank you for always sharing it with us!!!

Well sweet lady, I do hope that you're having a fabulous weekend! How is your weather over there? We have actually had some beautiful weather the last few the 40's and mostly sunny! That's nice for us...this time of the year!!! Do take care, dear one!!!

Warmest wishes,
Chari @Happy To Design

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hunny....what a fab post!!! You already know that I think there is beauty in everything and everyone....I think it is just wonderful to stop and stare at everything in life.....I'm loving your photos hunny....hopefully me and hubbie will be visiting Paris later in the year and seeing your pics is just fab as a taser session!
I like the idea of a regular spot for beauty...
Hugs Karen....

{little.happy.things} said...

"Everywhere we look there is something to catch our eye". It's the best way to describe Paris I think!

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

Happy weekend Mimi x

Gorgeous Paris! I am having a little peek at Eurostar tickets at the moment ... a possible Paris weekend surprise for my husband's 40th birthday in March. Thank you for all your lovely comments on Dolliedaydream - the little Valentines cakes are super easy the idea is from Martha Stewart. Choccy cupcakes, slice off the top with a knife, cut out a heart shape with a cookie cutter, top with pink buttercream and pop lid back on top ... voila! xxx

Tish Jett said...

I love visiting you. I sometimes feel as if I've taken Paris for granted or don't really SEE it the way I once did and then you come along and show me a new perspective.

When is our deadline?

Also, have a question for you. Can we go undercover?


Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Sooooo lovely!!!

I am planning a trip to Paris in April (already booked my tickets - yeah)...was wondering if you have any good recommendations for where to stay...something with charm but not necessarily fancy??? I would LOVE your input!!

Thanks. Hope you are enjoying your weekend ~

:) T

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh my.....what lovely photos,makes me think of Ireland and all the beautiful buildings there,thanks!! All the best,Chrissy

Bleudelavande said...

Woooowwww amazing post!!!! I love Paris very very much!!!! Tank you for sharing these wonderful photos!!!! I'm dreaming for another little trip in Paris, hope in this spring!!!!
Tank you very much for passing and leaving such lovely comment!
Have a nice week

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Mimi. Love time worn architecture: stone and metal. When I get flummoxed over paint chips I go back to my favorite French design books...all the natural tones that play so nicely together. Trish

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

Another charming post Mimi and as for your question about what inspires me here at home well that would be St. Lawrence Market. It is a little bit of heaven in the city, even in the dead of winter one is made to feel warm there.
Warm regards and a lovely week to you.
All my very best,

Auntie Cake said...

Such beauty around you. Quite different from what I see around me. I have lovely corn fields, beautiful old barns, cattle, horses, llamas, beautiful woods, and my favorite? A beautiful sky that rings me wonderful sunrises, sunsets, and spectacular view of the moon.

Have a great week!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Bon Jour Mimi - I just happened upon your blog through James' - A Man of the 50's. Your blog is simply delightful. I wish I could write that where I live there is great beauty or architecture, but I struggle at finding it. I grew up in Washington State where we were spoiled for Mountains, the ocean and beautiful trees. Our dream is to get back to California some day & then I will be able to give you a great response. Wising you a beautiful new week ahead.
x deb

Chicago Chic said...

Hello my darling, I absolutely love this post. You are so right - beauty is all around us. It is so important to stop and appreciate the such details...especially living in Rome. What inspires me is the romance of Rome, and sharing this magical city with my soulmate :) One particular area that inspires me is the gorgeous bridges over the Tiber River. Sometimes my husband and I take a long walk along the Tiber. The exquisite historical architecture with the flowing river creates such magic.

I hope you had a spectacular weekend. ♥

Chicago Chic said...

Oh and these photos are just stunning! I can't even imagine how gorgeous it all must look in person...someday I must visit :)

Nelza Lau said...

Dear Mimi,
Thank you for the lovely images. Everything is beautiful!
Have a wonderful week and my best regards.

Fleurette said...

Bonjour Mimi Bleu, Your blog is amazing and interesting!!!
I love Paris and the French art of living:)
Belle soirée
Fleurette from Prague

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, thank-you for your link your suppport was greatly appreciated! What a stunning post. Sharon xox (uk)

Floralovely said...

I agree there is beauty everywhere if you just stop, open your eyes and look around :) Love the intricate iron work in Paris.

Unknown said...

Hi again! To answer your ques., yes, it will be our (my husband and I) first time to Paris...and we are soooooooooo excited!!! I really would love any suggestions you might have on where to stay!

Thanks so much!

:) T

my email:

Jermaine said...

Wonderful Beauty Marks! I am so missing Paris right now.


Catherine said...

I started to do the same as you when i last went to Paris.I looked up and it's amazing how many details we miss looking down all the time.But i like to go on Sundays, so it's easier to walk and stop.I'm going this coming Sunday to visit my son and we will stroll in Paris a nd have a stop at Starbuck!!!have a caramel favorite! hugs catherine

Madame Sucre said...

that Eiffel Tower framing a view is such a beautiful touch!!

I'm an architect and when im in paris I'm just lost in wonderland!

Duchess of Tea said...

My darling I popped in to wish you a love filled February full of blessings.

Love & Hugs

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

What gorgeous architecture. Great photos of Paris. They're so good they could be post cards. Thanks for reminding us to look up. This is making me want to get on the next flight to Paris. Ooh, la la.

You asked what catches our eye where we live. We live in the mountains of North Carolina and there is natural beauty everywhere with grand mountain vistas and beautiful lakes and creeks. There's the Ocooee gourge where the 1998 winter Olympics were held that we drive through going to Tennessee and we also drive through another gorgeous gourge, the Nantahala that winds it way through a forest on the way to Asheville. I always say, "there are free views for all." Very different and not as glamorous as Paris, but it's peaceful in the slow lane of life and attracts a lot of tourists.

Bonne journee,

Unknown said...

Remarkable photographs, they are so full of grace and elegance! No wonder so many people, including myself, get inspired by the very thought of Paris...

Simply Colette said...

Such beautiful ornate architecture. How I wish I was spending this afternoon riding a bike around Paris. :)

Rita said...

dear Mimi,
thank you so much for your visit today and your much appreciated birthday wishes. It was a fine day I spent with my family and that's the thing that means most to me.

Daisy Reyes said...

Bonjour Queen Mimi!

I just love your blog because it allows me to escape my crazy studio and dream a little dream! I live in New Jersey, in the USA and I think what inspires me the most is... when I see our American flag waving ever so gently, almost as if in slow motion on a hot summer night. I always tell my husband that see this vision is the most beautiful thing to me. It represents so much to me seeing it there. I think of our fore-fathers and all that they did to start us off. Great pictures Mimi of my second home, Paris, (in my mind and heart)!

Royal wishes,

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I live through your beautiful pictures... aahhhh to be in Paris!

Hausfrau said...

Beautiful! Where I live, I like to see cats sitting in the windows of old farmhouses.

Unknown said...

I miss it...Feels like home. Great pictures.

Punctuation Mark said...

architectural details are fantastic to admire and get inspired!

Unknown said...