Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend in Provence

Off to the train station with my honey...

Provence is calling...

Avignon for the weekend...

The inviting arcades...

 Beautiful architecture...

 Extravagant colors...

 Bustling marktets...

All the little things that call out to come home with me...

 Intoxicating fragrance...

 Delectable cuisine...

But best of all...we'll be together!

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lazy Days

 We've is a good day to relax!

Hope you are having a lazy Sunday too!

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!

Parasol photo: The Graphics Fairy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

I received a very kind award invitation from the  The Plumed Pen  blog.   Merci.  You all know I’ve just arrived to the blogosphere so all this is still rather new.  I’m supposed to share 7 things about myself.  


Of course before I get started I need some inspiration...Tea usually perks me up...but I have nothing to nibble on.

Perhaps the little café around the corner would help...nice atmosphere, great people-watching...

That's better, and one of these...

Now I can get some work done...

1.) I have a sweet tooth.  You've figured that out by now, and I have the figure to prove it…Uh oh!

2.) I have a travel business  Paris Travel   I design personalized itineraries and private walking tours in Paris and I love it.

3.) I always wear dresses or skirts.  I dislike jeans (okay I do have one pair).

4.) I prefer tea over coffee. Teatime with all the accoutrements. A silver tea service is a weakness.

5.) Found an easy recipe for madeleines - my honey’s favorite gateau (cake).

6.) I love to write letters using an antique inkwell, quill pen and a wax seal.

7.) I love candlelight – makes everything and everyone softer and prettier, and did I mention it is oh so romantic!

Not terribly interesting but that’s my list.

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Salon du Chocolat Paris

Bonjour!  Just spent the day at the Salon du Chocolat today in Paris.  In case you have not heard about it, the Salon du Chocolat is an exposition dedicated to chocolat – actually a gigantic homage to chocolat.

The Salon features the delectable creations of the likes of Maison de Chocolat, Pierre Marcolini, Jean-Paul Hévin, Sadaharu AOKI as well a host of artisinal vendors outside of Paris.

They are not just chocolatiers, they are artists.  Here is a small sampling of
 L'Art du Chocolat to tempt your tastbuds.   

Venetien Mask with Gold leaf

Chocolatey Cupids

Delicious fashion finds

Maison de Chocolat window display

Sadaharu AOKI's pretty chocolats are infused with parfums like Earl Grey, Rose and Wasabi.

One lonely lady at the end diplayed a collection of porcelain chocolat pots which I love. 

The center stage offers a special show every hour, including the creative chocolat fashion show, which lets the choclatiers show off their sweet fashion designs.   We caught two shows which featured dancers from Mexico and Brazil.

I just had to buy some of the artisinal products like honey, chocolat à tartiner (chocolat spread), gourmandises, and a few things from this eye-catching presentation of spices, teas and colorful sugars.

Thankfully the macarons were not forgotten.  

There were lots of samples to nibble on (too many!) and it is always surprising to see how many true chocolat lovers there are.

The perfect addition to your boudoir!  Mmmm...

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your life! 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meandering Around Paris

What is better than meandering around the romantic streets of Paris?  Meandering the romantic streets of Paris with your honey.  We had a free day and decided to head out the door with absolutely no plan at all.  We started walking, eventually hopped onto the Metro and rode over to the 6th arrondissement (neighborhood) and meandered
We love exploring romantic rues (streets)...

And courtyards like this. 

Turning off busy rue St André des Arts we stopped for a late lunch at La Jacobine.   A cozy Salon de Thé tucked in the ancient and charming covered passage, Cour de Commerce St André.

We purposely went after the lunch hour so there were only about 2 other tables occupied. We chose a little corner table with a booth against the wall.  We sat side by side bien sur.  The food is delicious and the service low key and efficient, a treat in Paris.

We headed around the corner to grab some Darjeeling at  Mariage Frères, the place to experience L'Art de Thé, which has become so popular in Paris.   I told you this was a lazy day with no plan. 

I prefer this location in the 6th over the more popular spot in the Marais.  It is so much quieter, and if you go midweek and your timing is right you’ll practically have the entire tearoom to yourself.  
 Perfect for tea for two.
 There is so much to savor and post about here I think I’ll do another post later.

We purchased a jar of our favorite Gelée Extra de Thé 

We hoped back on the Metro to the 16th and found our way into a brocante (antique and what not shop) in a small courtyard just off the rue Passy.  

I like to visit every so often and I've managed to find several lovely crystal, silver-topped vanity bottles and jars buried among all the chaotically scattered brocante (stuff, junk)
The vendor recognized this strange American and her pitiful French and happily greeted us in English.

This time I found a floral oil painting with an over the top ornate gilt frame.  I excitedly pointed it out.  I saw that smile of his and I knew it was mine - the smile and the picture!

(This photo does not do it justice)

My initial plan was to show off my Frenchified negociating skills in front of Frenchie honey, but soon the process was hijacked by Frenchie honey and Frenchie vendor as they started rapid fire, not to be understood by me French.

I stood there mute.  They both dug in their heels.  Suspense.  Suddenly they shook hands and the bubble wrap appeared.   

A perfect end to a perfect romantic day of meandering in Paris.  And it was all thanks to my lucky charm, otherwise known as my honey.

"Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Le Romance des Fleurs

  Flowers are always romantic.  The gorgeous blooms above are the result of my honey's green thumb.   He carefully transported them by train from a garden in the south of France to celebrate my first birthday in Paris - (sigh!) - did I mention what a romantic he is? 

More fabulous blossoms from my gardener man, and they made a perfect addition to my blog header.  This brilliant pink rose is breathtaking.

 Beautiful  fragrant bouquets like these can be found all over Paris.  This is a good thing since my thumb is not so green.  
 Decorating la maison with fresh flowers is a luxury that never fails to inspire and make me smile.  

I dried the petals from those first lovely roses my honey gave me.  I keep them in my mother's  crystal rose bowl.  The colors are still vivid and each time I look at them I think to myself,  "How lucky can a girl get?"

'Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life'