Friday, August 27, 2010

French Settlers!

I was recently asked by Sharon of the brilliant blog, My French Country Home,
to share my experiences of settling in France.  
 Be sure to stop by her beautiful blog,
and read the week long series about women 
who settled in France and why.   

A French Settler's Journey

   What started out as a spur of the moment holiday in Paris turned into a life-changing meeting with destiny.   Okay…that sounds rather dramatic, but true.  I was still reeling from the recent loss of two dear loved ones.  I decided to get away for a week or two – that is when the fairy tale began.

   I visited Paris on a regular basis, but the sudden decision to travel alone at this time was very unusual for me.   Little did I know destiny was at work. 

It was Springtime in Paris.   There was still a slight chill in the air, but I barely noticed all the beautiful blooms.

    Five days into the trip I met 'him'.   Out of the blue and totally unexpected.   In fact, meeting anyone was the furthest thing from my mind. 

    What began as an innocent stroll down the Avenue Champs Elysée - (how cliché that sounds) – changed everything!

   The sudden need to be together was overpowering, and the old adage “ love will find a way” proved to be true in our case.   After going back and forth across the Atlantic for several months, we knew we had to make a decision.   We planned, plotted and maneuvered.  The Atlantic between us was no longer an option, nor had it been from the first moment we met. 

    French honey gallantly offered to join me in the States, but it was agreed that I would make the move to France.  Miraculously property sold, details clicked into place, …16 months later I arrived at the airport to begin my new life with the man I loved. 

This is the short version, miniscule version, of how I came to be a French Settler

   If you wish you can find more details about the "meeting" here!

Be sure to vist French Country Home!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Giveaway Winners!

We have two giveway winners!

#1 - Anne in Oxforshore

#4- High-Heeled Life

Anne has a great blog about her many travels. 
 She also shares her postcards from around the world. 

High-Heeled Life, is an inspirational blog about picking up the pieces 
and learning to live again!

I will be in touch to get your address, and send out your picture frames.

Congratulations ladies!!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Belle Giveaway

It is time for another 

I have two compact picture frames for two lucky winners!

At first glance it looks like an elegant compact.

 It opens up to reveal 4 frames.

 Made by Lisbeth Dahl, a popular Denmark based company, 
see their website here.

Perfect on your vanity, or tucked it into your purse or travel bag. 

The rules to enter are simple: 
1.) Leave a comment - 2 chances
2.) Visit Belle Inspiration website - 2 chances

Giveaway ends August 25th

Bonne chance!

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Giveaway Winner

We have a winner for one of the personalised Bags of Love

Congratulations #4 - Jo of My Grandma's Soul

Jo has a marvelous blog, and a positive personality to match.
You'll enjoy the ride as you follow her adventures and fun posts.  
Be sure to stop by and say hello.

Send me your mailing address Jo, and I will forward the info to Bags of Love.  

Thank you to everyone who participated.  

Tomorrow I will be posting another 
Belle Inspiration e-Magazine Merci Beaucoup Giveaway

Hope to see you then!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Belle Giveaway! Bags of Love

To continue the celebration of the September 15 launch of 

Belle Inspiration e-Magazine

we are offering another giveaway to thank you for your continued support.  

A special thank you to all the lovely ladies who have already ordered their subscription.  
We have been overwhelmed by your positive response!  
With a little luck and a LOT of work, 
I truly believe Belle Inspiration is going to be a Destination to Inspiration.  

I am pleased to introduce you tBags of Love.   This dynamic London based company is generously sponsoring this giveaway.  

"Bags of Love creates unique and personalised gifts from your photos and designs."

"Bring your digital photos to life with our unique range of custom photo gifts."

Shopper Bag 

55£  value, shipping is included

If you would like to win this personalised bag, the rules are simple. 

1. Leave a comment
2. Visit Bags of Love

The winner will be announced Saturday, August 21st.

Bonne Chance!!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

French Honey & the Carousel

Kids, parents and Grandparents all having fun on the Carousel
 in the Jardin des Tuileries next to the Musée du Louvre

The weather was cool and gorgeous!  

Yes, I wanted a ride. 

 The very thought of hopping on board with all those kiddies always makes French Honey nervous,  so I usually have mercy on him, and don't say anything. 

But this time, he ran over to buy the tickets and off we went round and round...

French Honey is cool and gorgeous!

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The French Touch Giveaway Winner

We have a winner for the Belle Inspiration French Touch Giveaway! 

# 28  - Deb of  Dumbwit Tellher 

Dumbwit Tellher - Deb's  blog is fun and witty,
 always promising entertaining and often thought-provoking posts.

Yes it is an interesting combination,  you must go see for yourself! 

The sense of humour of this sweet lady is fast becoming legendary in Blogland

Félicitations Dumbwit Tellher!  

If you would be kind enought to send me your address, I will send out your package asap!

Your bundle will include:

Belle Inspiration E-Magazine digital subscription
Vie à Paris - a beautifully illustrated book by Elaine Biss
and a surprise from my favorite Paris antique/brocante store

Merci to everyone who entered.  

I plan to have more giveaways to celebrate 
Belle Inspiration e-Magazine September launch.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Giveaway with a French Touch!

To continue celebrating the upcoming launch of the e-Magazine
we have teamed up to offer a giveway with a French touch!

We would Like to introduce you to Elaine Biss
A wonderfully talented feminine illustrator.  

Her designs have been featured in campaigns by Christian Dior, New York and Company,
and recently Blogland's very own Claudia Strasser of The Paris Apartment
 Elaine did all the gorgeous artwork for Claudia's marvelous new iphone app on the
 Paris Flea Markets,  Keys to the Fleas!

Vie à Paris is Elaine's much anticipated illustrated book.  
"Vie à Paris is a feel good tale that takes the reader through the streets of Paris as seen through the eyes of Nanette and her dog Coco."

Joie De Vivre in the City of Lights.   It fits perfectly with Belle Inspiration's motto,
 "Celebrating La Joie de Vivre". 

The Giveaway - 
1 year subscription to Belle Inspiration e-Magazine, 6 Issues
 Elaine's book, Vie à Paris
Surprise gift from a Paris brocante

The rules are simple:
1. Comment to enter
2. Become a follower if you'd like (not a requirement)! :)
3. Cross your fingers!

Merci Beaucoup for all the well wishes about the new e-Magazine.  
I was stunned by all the subscriptions you ordered, 
and the incredible kindness you have showered on the entire team of Belle Inspiration.   
I am grateful for your love and support!

Giveaway Drawing August 11th

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!

Credits: Vie à Paris photos and text in quotations original copyrighted material of Elain Biss

Monday, August 2, 2010

Belle Inspiration Preview

Here is a preview of what you will find in the first issue of 

The official launch date is September 15, 2010

We are working on the layout now.  
So excited about all the fabulous articles and images by our talented team
How can I say thank you?   

Belle Inspiration will be delivered directly to your email in a flip-page format 
for easy reading and reference.  

The website is online

The site is till a work in progress as we need to post our advertisers, 
and continue to add much more interesting content.  

Stop by the new website if you wish to reserve your subscription for your digital copy.

 I have not forgotten about the Merci Beaucoup Giveaway!
(Hint: I hit the brocantes and markets again)

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Original photos: Belle Inspiration e-Magazine