Friday, May 27, 2011

A Paris Fête at Castles Crowns and Cottages

I'm joining Anita over at Castles Crowns and Cottages Blog 
for her Paris - Simply Irresistible Blog Party

Everyone is linking up to share there favorite photos of Paris. 
These shots are just a few of the reasons I love the city.

 European architecture is so spectacular. 

 I've done other posts about how details are so important 

Paris is one of those places,

That has so many little details

Everywhere you turn

This just may be the biggest detail of all 

Be sure to stop by and visit Anita's Paris Fête

Put a Little Ooh La La in Your Life!!


The French Hutch said...

hi Mimi, Love your photos of Paris. I can never get enough of the architecture, and the beautiful interiors there. I also have a post up for Anita, a little long but I just don't know how to stop with Paris.
Hope your weekend is great...

The French Hutch

Paulita said...

The details are exquisite. Thanks for sharing

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I didn't know this party was going on! I have to create a blog now. I LOVED Paris last spring.

Your photos are wonderful.

Bring Pretty Back said...

I can't participate myself because i have no photo's of paris.. but! I can drool over everyone elses photo's though!
Have a pretty day!

Blondie's Journal said...

Oh...I'd love to visit Paris. What a lucky lady you are. Beautiful pictures, this sounds like a fun party!


Shabby Cottage Shops said...

Hi Mimi, beautiful pictures, one day...I will visit Paris and spend time with one fabulous you know her?? Her name is Mimi! Have a fabulous weekend in Paris!!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Mimi,

I loved seeing your beautiful photographs and I agree, every where you look in Paris the architecture is magnificent.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs

Happy weekend

Stef@ said...

Immagini semplicemente meravigliose..!!

Fay said...

Bonjour mimi thankyou for your visit its the day of the PARTY!! tra la Yes i agree the parisian architecture is exqusite and such a variety i love gazing upon it
see you there fay xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And precious one, the most important detail for you is the love you found and the love you share...what magic and THANK YOU FOR VISITING ME AND BALZAC....he was my favorite thing about Paris because I brought home the ideas the day I encountered this real fox terrier on la Rue St. Honoré...what a darling dog. He was patrolling his patron's boutique and would NOT let me in!!!! He must has sensed I had no money to spend!!!!

BISES, Anita

highheeledlife said...

Oh Paris .. how I miss you!!! These wonderful images are truly speaking to me ... a return is definite!!

Hoping all is well my dear friend..xo HHL

Ivana said...

Coucou :) Beautiful photos! Paris is one of the biggest loves of my life and I´m so happy that I´ve found your blog!

bisous, Ivana said...

and you just wait Mimi... one of these days you will get an email and I'll tell you "I'm coming to Paris!", and when I do... YOU will be my guide!

Love your beautiful pictures and this has been such a fun journey this morning.


It's me said...

It is great to be with you in Paris darling....hope we meet again.....nice party from love ......bisous

Karena said...

So gorgeous Mimi!! I love Anita's Paris Party!

My post is finally up (blogger issues again) so come and visit...

Art by Karena

Rae said...

Love the Paris way!!! So glad to have found you through Anita!! Enjoyed the Paris tour!!

Mariette said...

Dearest Mimi,

That is a lovely post about one of my favorite cities!
Thanks for your comment; never mind where it is placed I got it...

Lots of love,


It's me said...

Thanks Mimi...i will folow you too when your button is back..please help me bisous

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Mimi, so nice to seeing you again! Anita's Paris tour is great, isn't it?! I was in Paris a couple of months ago and by accident I stumbled onto Repetto. I bought leggings, ballerinas and a pink cardigan for my girls. I had no idea Repetto is 'that famous'.
Enjoy a glorious weekend! Beaucoup de bisous a toi xxxxx

Fete et Fleur said...

I'm here! What beautiful photos as always. I want to say congratulations on the latest release of your magazine. It was beautiful! The story of you and your Mother brought tears to my eyes. It was my Mother who first introduced me to world of antiquing too.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Mapi said...

Hi Mimi your photos are lovely.
I love the one with the tutu.
Brings back memories, long gone.
Sending you some Dutch love.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

What lovely pictures, Dear Mimi!!! I wish I would have known about this blog party! I just love them, you know!!! But, it is just so much fun to be introduced to Anita and GORGEOUS blog! Thank you for making my evening so bright!

Hugs to you!


Marie Söderberg said...

BONJOUR !!!this is the best party ever :)) so much fun to visit you all..woaw and so much inspiration
all the best au revoir //Marie

Lynne Moncrieff said...

A fabulous tribute to Paris.

Vær våken said...

Hi Mimi! I sure hope I'm not too late for the Salon de Thé. That sounds perfect! What a lovely Paris Party it was! And what beautiful buildings you have shown us today! Have a lovely Sunday!

Kristin xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Mimi, I am working on getting there! I want to see Ms. Mona again! You poor thing. I know about tooth infections etc. Two Christmases ago we did a destination holiday and I had to find a dentist on Christmas Day to help me. I was in such pain! Soon as I got home the tooth had to be pulled and all sorts of things done to get ready for an implant. ugh...I don't like dentist and drs. either. I have to see the periodontist every three months...double ugh! And I can't take pills either. I have never had a pain pill agree with me yet. One made me very ill and another made me terrible dizzy. Sorry to go on but I commiserate with you. xoxo

La Petite Plume said...

Bonjour your Majesty!

Boy I've missed you! I have been away too long:( I just wanted to say how much I love all of the Paris images!!! Gosh, I so wish I was there right now in those very places:)) Bravo on this article!

Royal wishes,